Enabling conversation enables spontaneous conversations about common interests, creates new business contacts or friendships wherever you are: in a café, a co-working space or at an airport.

How? Create a profile, print a sticker for your laptop with your custom URL "", and people will be able to get in touch with you by typing the URL in their browser. Enabling Conversation.

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Enabling conversation

Status: ✅

Need a coffee break? Let's chat about:

- Coaching, Personal Growth, Psychology
- Startups & Entrepreneurship
- Co-Inspiration Masterminds
- & other things

Enabling Conversation

More things to chat about:

Coaching, psychology, personal growth, neuroscience, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, startups, technology, futurism, blockchain, innovation, coffee, digital nomadism
What I'm looking for
Inspiring conversations, bouncing ideas about my / your projects, suggestions for great non-fiction books, any kind of useful / interesting / fascinating things & information, tips for the best cafés in Lisbon, nice people
What I can offer
Inspiring conversations over coffee, bouncing ideas, creativity, enthusiasm, all sorts of useful information, finding solutions, improving stuff, mastermind sessions, brainstorming, coaching, mindmaps...

Enabling Conversation

About Chris:

Hi, my name is Chris. I grew up in Germany and have lived in the US, the Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam and currently in Lisbon, Portugal.

After vocational training in finance I got degrees in psychology and in creative entrepreneurship. I strongly believe in the power of everyone to change their lives for the better and the ability to contribute to a positive change in themselves, society and the world.

In Vietnam, I co-organized and ran an alternative business & personal growth education program called Knowmads Hanoi. Currently I'm working for a strategy consultancy focused on scenario planning, as well as a big data/ AI software company.

By night, I'm watching out for the bat signal working on, a new way to enable conversation, and Co-Inspiration, a series of meetups to find like-minded people and support each other with ideas, solutions, inspiration and encouragement to create progress in your projects.

Enabling Conversation

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Enabling Conversation

We are currently in beta test and closed for new registrations. If you like, leave your e-mail address and we'll get in touch as soon as we open our doors! 🏝☀️🍹

Enabling Conversation is enabling conversation, wherever you are.

Imagine this: You are working by yourself in a café / co-working space, surrounded by people, but no one talks to each other. Weird, no? There appears to be an invisible barrier preventing people from talking to one another. changes this. Imagine you see a big sticker on someone's laptop:
You check the URL on your phone and see in Annie’s profile that you have many common interests!

➡️ Send a quick message and have a chat over espresso! ☕️🙂

Enabling Conversation

Status: ✅ Available: I would like to have a chat. Just come over and say hi, or send me a message and we have a short conversation whenever is a good time.

Status: ⏳ Busy: I'm busy or working, but feel free to send a message. If I want to have a chat later, I'll let you know.

Status: ⭕️ Unavailable: I'm not available or working focused right now and can't talk at the moment.

Location: At this moment working from / hanging out at...