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Christian S.

Status: ✅ Available - talk to me

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Coaching, psychology, personal growth, neuroscience, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, startups, technology, futurism, blockchain, innovation, coffee, digital nomadism
What I'm looking for
Inspiring conversations, bouncing ideas about my / your projects, suggestions for great non-fiction books, any kind of useful / interesting / fascinating things & information, tips for the best cafés in Lisbon, nice people
What I can offer
Inspiring conversations over coffee, bouncing ideas, creativity, enthusiasm, all sorts of useful information, finding solutions, improving stuff, mastermind sessions, brainstorming, coaching, mindmaps...

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The easy way to meet

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The easy way to meet is the easy way to meet people, wherever you are.

Imagine this: You are working by yourself in a café, surrounded by interesting looking people, but just can’t strike up a conversation. It seems like there is an invisible barrier prohibiting you from talking to strangers.*
(*You're not alone)

Suddenly you see a big sticker on someone’s laptop:
You check the URL on your phone and see in Johnny’s profile that he is also interested in medieval court dance! And he’s available for a conversation, meaning he would love some distraction from his work, so you can just go over and say hi or send him a message to have a chat when he needs a quick break. Great!

While talking about Rennaissance costumes, you learn that he’d love to help you making a wordpress site for your new business, and you offer to dog-sit his puppy when he’s traveling next week.
How wonderful that the world is filled with nice people! You leave the cafe elatedly and decide to immediately get your own profile and laptop-sticker for 😉👋🍀🦄

The easy way to meet

Status: ✅ Available: I would like to have a chat. Just come over and say hi, or send me a message and we have a short conversation whenever is a good time.

Status: ⏳ Busy: I'm busy or working, but feel free to send a message. If I want to have a chat later, I'll let you know.

Status: ⭕️ Unavailable: I'm not available or working focused right now and can't talk at the moment.

Location: At this moment working from / hanging out at...